The history of Colgrip

The history of Colgrip started more than 50 years ago with a dentist, experiencing a threat to his professional future. After a workday at the dental practice, Carl-Axel Gross experienced problem in hand, arm, shoulders, back and also headache from time to time. These problems tended to grow worse over time. This was the effect of strain from work, resulting in negative work related side effects from what many people can relate to.

However, he didn’t accept this dark projection for his future, nor did he want to end a beloved profession that he was totally devoted to. Carl-Axel Gross decided to find a solution. Carl-Axel Gross realized, as the ergonomic pioneer he was, the need to be able to work in a relaxed way, without loosing essential precision. The criteria was, and is, an ergonomic system, with flawless work function, with the capacity to be sterilized over and over again, a colour coded system and  sustainable working methods. Your favourite instrument with the right grasp! He invented ergonomic designed silicone grips: Colgrips, for the Dental Teams hand instruments. Colgrips were mounted on the favourite instruments. Equipped with the bigger grip together with a special texture for friction on the surface of the Colgrip, this added up to a possibility to work with precision, as well as working in a relaxed way. His problems ended, when using the Colgrips. Colgrip Ergonomics started here. And over the years, many Colgrip users experience the relief when working both with precision and in a relaxed way.