Colgrip Ergonomics is engaged with ergonomic related activities coupled to a wider perspective.Our activities today: Colgrip Sleeve –System, Silicone Grips for Hand Instruments, BOW Technology and Tricotherm. We are also involved with advanced communication technology in AMT Solutions. All of these activities have got ergonomic advantages as a guiding light.

COLGRIP System: Sleeves with the right grasp, for hand instruments, promoting ergonomically working benefits. Reduces fatigue, increases the capacity to work with precision with your favourite hand instruments.

-Colgrip sleeves for The Dental Team, with Colgrips Silicone sleeves, produced to last and to be sterilized over and over again, sustainable colours and able to endure temperatures up to 250°C. The easy identified colours also enables the Dental Team to work with colour coding for use of proper instruments.

-Colgrip for graphic works and activities. Colgrip for Scalpels, brushes, pens, pencils, rubbing instruments etc.

-Colgrip Ergonomic Pen-grip – chosen pens and pencils equipped with Colgrip Sleeves, or: Colgrip Sleeves for your favourite writing utensil: for active people who write and scrabbles, where the Colgrip reduces strain in hand and arm. Colgrip works perfectly for many with pain from arthritis, “CTS”, carpal tunnel syndrome, or just from overload when writing much with to delicate pens.

-Colgrip Tubing for handheld apparatus, drilling, grinding, contra-angles. Serves the Dental Team as well as many industrial applications. Experienced vibration-damping effect, allows you to work in a more relaxed manner.

-Colgrip Sleeves are made of 100% Silicone, produced to last and to be sterilized over and over again, sustainable colours and able to endure temperatures up to 250°C.

Dry-Dam: Cofferdam technique with great features, developed by Carl-Axel Gross, DDS.

COLGRIP Function Technology: Designs, produces and market functional clothing for active people with a zest for life! Professionals, athletes, leisure activists: most of us! Please contact us for further information.

Tricotherm: Patented technique for “close to body garments” for great comfort and supporting stability.

Superior comfort for all temperature changes in life. Moisture transport ability even when physically active. Even skin temperature with experienced balanced level of dryness close to the body. Enhances training comfort. Used from the city, throughout the forest and at sea. Great for activities like: walking/jogging crisp and clear mornings, entering cars with cold seats, enhances full golf swing, comfort for the hunter, comfort when biking, motorcycling or riding the Ski-Doo, and so many areas of comfortable use.

AMT Solutions: Multifunctional membrane transducers/antennas, speakers, microphones and sensors. Separate or all in one. AMT Solutions represent a paradigm shift in communication technology. The wireless communication technology of the future is already represented here. Wireless communication, wireless networks, sound wave transfer, sensors, diagnostics and monitoring by movement. Multifunctional! Energy efficient! Please contact us for more information.